How it works

We know that communication is the key to the success of any software development project. We keep all channels of interaction with our clients open throughout the lifecycle of the project. This ensures that no requirements are misinterpreted and that projects are always delivered to specifications.

Introductory meeting

At the beginning of the project, we build an understanding of your business objectives and gather all key project requirements needed to get started.

Draft proposal

Our team will analyse every detail in order to develop the best direction for the project. This usually contains mind maps, flowcharts and process flow that will match your objectives.

Final proposal

The final proposal is presented and agreed upon before development commences. Also, an easy to track project plan is created and distributed to all key stakeholders.

Designs finalised and presented

our graphical team will present mock-up designs, based on your branding guidelines, for any user-interfaces that may be required. These can then be discussed and altered.

Software development

During this phase we will provide you with a client login which will enable you to track the progress of your project in real time.

Scope adjustments

We understand that some adjustments will be required throughout the project to optimise the software for your business. These adjustments are made throughout the development life cycle as each new functionality is released.

Beta testing

On completion, the software will be released to a small group of users within your business. This is done for an pre-agreed length of time (usually 30 days). This phase ensures that the key users get familiar with the system and any procedural or programming adjustments can be made before final release.

Software delivery, installation and implementation

On completion of beta testing, the software will be released within your business and necessary training, support and guidance will be provided.

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